Simple Scrapbook Ideas to Enrich Your Creative Scrapbooking Projects.

When you need some new scrapbook ideas, the easy way is relax and listen to your heart. Your creative scrapbooking talent will start to produce a lot of great unique ideas. And you will be able to reuse some traditional techniques in new creative ways. Here are some ideas to help you to get an inspiration on creative scrapbooking.

Use a colorful quotes. You choose a lovely photo but have no any ideas about journaling. Describe an important event using quotes instead of simply telling what it was happened.
Include the other people citations about these events, their point of view and mention. It will add a new dimension to your memories.

You can make more creative scrapbooking with newspaper clippings. Use a clippings as a simple colored background. Also you can cut out newspaper letters or whole words and make a creative journaling, titles and notes.

Try to create a smaller or larger album instead of an usual one. You can use ready-made scrapbooks or create your own by using various paper or cardstock. You will use an unusual products in a new creative ways and recycle various things such as clothespins, paper bags, CD covers, coffee filters. These unusual tricks can enhance your creative scrapbooking activity.

Do you wish to create 3D scrapbooking? Consider these scrapbook ideas to enrich your creative scrapbooking.

And what you think about creating your own scrapbook page as a picture puzzle. Check out a new creative scrapbooking method.

Try to use advanced scrapbooking techniques to enhance your creative scrapbooking skills. Incorporate them into your scrapbooks. Create a mosaic pictures with using your leftover scrapbooking scraps. Think about creating a small scrapbook akin to a matchbook. Try experimenting with decorative scissors for cutting your papers, photos, images, pics. Make an experience with creative punching techniques. Be creative and you will find more new advanced ideas.

Make journaling or keepsakes as the focal point of the page and use photo enlargement or photo collage as a creative background.

Recycle and reuse everything without having to buy new scrapbook supplies from craft stores. Use magazines, newspaper, stationery graphics, old greeting cards as stickers. Making own project from recycled papers.

Add dimension to your pages. You are able to use various embellishments such as buttons, ribbons, die cuts, brads, fibers, etcetera. Try to incorporate pressed flowers or an imprint of leaves into your pages.

You have no time to create a nice layout. Don't worry. Purchase prepared scrapbook pages that already include layouts and designs. Add your creative scrapbooking touch by using ready-made stickers.

Most scrappers will do a special layout for a portrait that they have had taken by a photographer. Many will choose to have their child photographed yearly and then want to showcase this portrait in a special way. Just using this one photo on a page makes the picture stand out from the rest of your pages.

I myself used this method with my boys portraits that I had taken yearly, but as for the rest of my layouts, I had a completely different style.

Using only one photo on a layout is a fairly new type of layout design for me. In my earlier scrapping days, I felt that I needed to place as many pictures on a page that would fit. I also cropped many of my beautiful photos into small shapes and sizes. This is definitely something that I regret doing! I am sure that many of you can relate to that. As my scrapping skills have improved, I have found that I just love the simple, uncluttered look of just one or two photos on a page.

When using just one great photo on a layout, the focal point is on the picture, instead of any embellishment on the page. Your eye is immediately drawn to the subject in the photo.

I have found that my photography skills have improved greatly since I have started this technique. When taking photos of your child, zoom in closely and fill the frame. This way you will ensure that your subject is the main focal point of the picture. Also, try to use contrast in your photos, in the background of the picture or in the clothes the subject is wearing. This will help your subject really stand out.

As for layout designs with just one photo, the options are endless. I like to keep my layouts simple and uncluttered, so that nothing will distract from the subject of the photo. Try using colors that enhance your pictures, which will make then sand out more. Color blocking, borders, frames all work well with this type of layout. With just the one picture, there is plenty of room for journaling and a title. Try placing your photo off centered or in one corner of the page for a unique look.

Using this style every now and then will enhance your scrapbook and showcase your favorite photos. So, get your camera and go take some fabulous pictures of your loved ones and try this scrapping technique!

You will really enjoy with these quick and simple scrapbook ideas.
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  1. Heather Says:

    Great article, love the advice to listen to your heart - that works for me, too.