Lovely-Lovely Scrapbook Ideas.

Here are some scrapbook ideas you can come up with to create new, fun pages for your scrapbooks. Using a circle cutter, cut your picture in the shape of a circle. Using your personal trimmer, take brown or brownish colored paper and cut it into ice cream cones. Tape down your cones and then use your pictures for the ice cream. I use all lower case letters for my title and I sort a scramble the letters, just so that they are not in a straight line. For the ice cream dripping down the cone affect, I took colored paper and used my wavy scissors and cut very little pieces of the colored paper and taped just a couple on the cone.

We've all seen scanned or color-copied items used to create backgrounds for page layouts. I found a great way to achieve the same look without the mess. Purchase a picture frame (preferably one with deep sides) and remove the cardboard back, leaving just the glass in the frame. Fill the frame with the items you'd like for your background and place it on the scanner or copier. Just be sure to drape a towel or blanket over the top of the frame to block the light, since the lid will not close tightly.

Lipstick works great as embossing ink! Simply "kiss" the mirrors and quickly pour the clear embossing powder on the prints. Use a small paintbrush to wipe off the excess powder from the rest of the mirror. Next, use an embossing tool to heat the powder until it melts. Let the mirrors cool for a while, as they retain the heat from the embossing tool and will be very hot. Embossing with lipstick also works well on paper and shrink plastic. If you choose to emboss lipstick on paper for a scrapbook page, use duplicate photos on it. Lipstick contains oil, which can migrate to your photos over time.

I wanted a crumpled newspaper pattern to cut out letters for a title, but I wanted it to be acid free and on cardstock. I took a newspaper and tore some sections, and cut some sections, crumpled them, then placed them all different directions on the color copier bed. I made a color copy onto cream colored cardstock to age it a little. Now I have a beautiful newspaper pattern to cut out letters, to punch, to use with tags, or any number of embellishments.

Looking for the perfect paper? Why not create it yourself with two simple ingredients…stamp pad refill ink (food color works, too) and shaving cream. I've been a stamper for years and converted to scrapbooking when I had my first daughter. This is a great technique I learned for making cards, so why not paper for background?! Spread a 1/2" layer of shaving cream in a big enough pan to hold your paper. Then add a few drops of stamp pad ink refill.

One of a good scrapbook ideas are to use one, two, or even three colors. The more ink you use, the deeper your colors. Next, take a toothpick and swirl the shaving cream and ink around. You can make some pretty unique patterns. One thing is guaranteed, no two papers will ever turn out exactly alike. Next, lay your piece of paper in the shaving cream, applying gentle but firm pressure. Pick the piece of paper up and wipe off the excess shaving cream with a spatula. Allow to dry. You can use the same pan of shaving cream and dip more pieces of paper. The more you dip, the lighter the paper tint will become.

Have fun making a collection of mat techniques to turn to for inspiration. I use the 2"x3" photos that often come in professional photo packets. (You know the type, you get about 103 pictures - and, hey, most of us run out of relatives and friends way before those pictures give out.) With scraps, I can actually make a mini replica of a new matting technique. So not only am I using up my scraps, I can tell myself, hey, I did that technique. (Alright, so I wouldn't have used it in my scrapbook at this point, - but that wouldn't be the only thing. C'mon, it's like your own little make-n-take. It keeps you busy and adds to your repertoire.)

The little matted photos can then be filed right in your organizer (alphabetically they would go before stickers and after die cuts) or put on a ring. Now for the big bonus, perhaps the best part - the finished product is 50% of the size had you used a 4"x6" photo. can take a piece of regular paper and cut it down or draw on it a 6"x6" square - 50% of a 12"x12" paper - and actually play around with the photos and mats to see how they would look on a page. Did you ever play with little furniture replicas on grid paper to say how a new arrangement might look? You may find yourself discovering some scrapbook ideas too.

A Great Scrapbook Ideas.

The great scrapbook ideas are to capture all of your memories. When I first began to scrap, I captured only the happy moments. These included holidays, vacations, major events and "firsts". I realize that this is only a part of my story. I have since begun to keep a "Book of Sorrows". This is not a book for the casual observer, but will give my family a fuller picture of who I am and what affects me.

In this book I capture major events such as the September 11 crisis, and journaling about how I spent the day.
I include old photos of friends and relatives who have since passed on and how their lives affected mine.

I include the photos and stories of friends and family who have received medical results that weren't good, and how their struggles gave me hope and strength.
Although I try to make all of my scrapbooks meaningful and visually appealing, I find that this book is truly a labor of love.

One of a great scrapbook ideas is a calendar theme scrapbook. I took care of my grandfather who had Cancer Disease for the last 3 years.
For the New Year, I started a calendar album. I decorated each calendar page and placed photos, cards, etc. on the adjoining page.
Each night, I journaled the days events into the coordinating date.
Now that he is gone, I can look back at how he spent his last year with us.

Like so many families, each year we receive Christmas card "photos" from family and friends. This year I decided to scrap them into an album -dividing it by family. I've gone back and taken out all the old cards and even the family "letters" with the hope of putting them into one large album.
Next year when the holiday rolls around and family members come over, I'll leave it out on the coffee table so everyone can see "what difference a year makes" (or many years in some cases!).

I took extra die cuts that were purchased, but never used, and put them into an album for my nephew. One page showed an ark. The lettering was done with stencils (to save $). On this particular page it said: "One red ark". I continued this up to ten. Some pages were crowded but it worked nicely. On the unused pages of the album I placed shapes of paper and continued naming the shapes. He enjoys books so much, I knew he would love this one too.

A great scrapbook idea for a loved one in your life who has lost a loved one in their life. Create an album showing their life together using pictures of their wedding day, birth of their children, holidays and vacations spent together etc. At the end of the album place a picture of the loved one who has deceased with a poem dedicating the scrapbook to them and the life they have lived. It is a beautiful way to show someone how much they have touched your life and the lives of many others. And these scrapbook ideas will help you.