Another Themed Scrapbook Ideas.

Let me introduce another part of themed scrapbook ideas. So go on!
I like using my son's baby blankets or baby clothes that I just didn't want to get rid of to cover my scrapbooking albums. I just iron the material out flat, and use a glue gun to adhere to the album like you would do a book cover. It's another memory that gets incorporated into your albums.

While organizing my photos I came across duplicate school pictures of not only my children but of my husband and myself as well. I had already done a school album for our children so I was at a loss as to what to do with these extras. It occured to me that when the kids leave they will take those albums with them, so I decided to make an album that compares all of us at each grade level. One on page you will find myself on the next my son at the same age. The kids really get a kick out of seeing Mommy and Daddy in Kindergarden right along side of them!

Scrapbook ideas: Roles of your life.
I recently did a mini album for my mother-in-law on her birthday of the roles she has taken throughout her life, such as wife, mother, daughter and so forth. For each role I expressed a few things about what she brought to that role and what I felt as her daughter-in-law experiencing the love and grace she brought to each of these roles.

Love Scrapbook ideas.
After Valentine's Day, I thought it would be especially nice if I made two 5 x 7 scrapbooks of me and my sweetheart. I plan to include the story of how we met (from both sides!), "10 things we love about..." lists, and highlights of both our memorable events and 'ordinary' activities like cooking, cleaning, going to movies, etc. The scrapbooks will be identical—one for me, and one for my sweetheart. As our relationship develops and grows, we can add more pages. The downside to this idea is that you have to buy doubles of everything!!!

Annual anniversary scrapbook.
Before my now-husband and I were dating, he had given me a beautiful photo album, just as a surprise little gift for me. When we got married three years later, I decided to turn the album into a record of our marriage, one anniversary at a time.
On the front page, I put a picture of us on our wedding day. I included just a few basic journaling elements - favorite memories, etc. Then on our one-year anniversary, we took another picture and put it on the second page. Next years will be our anniversary, so we'll fill in the next page, and so on... By the time the album's 40 pages are filled up, we'll have a wonderful progressive journal of our marriage!

Baby scrapbook
Recently, while looking through baby books to purchase for my sister's upcoming babies, I was discouraged. I began to make my own baby books with all of the needed/wanted pages and sections. I took ideas from older baby books (they tend to be better) as well as pregnancy journals and put them all in one. They have a section on how parents met, pre-birth, birth, post birth up through school years, leaving room for photos and journal pages for parents. I've now made two and have my sister-in-law making one for a friend of hers. We start with a white covered book and decoupage the outside, then the inside is all scrapbooking except without the photos. Once the book is completed I give it with several color pens and some scrapbooking glue. They look great, and are a very special gift!

Baby’s first days scrapbook ideas
When my son was born last fall, I knew there would be a lot of pictures taken of him during his first days. To jump start my scrapbooking, I took an album to the hospital with me, and asked all visitors, family and close friends, to sign one page of the album and write a message to my son. My husband and I added our own. I also asked visitors to our home over the first few weeks to add a message. I framed photos of each person holding my son on their page, and put greeting cards on the back of the page. There were several advantages to doing it this way! Journaling was easy, and he also has his loved ones' handwriting recorded. My son has a fun record of his family and friends. I'll definitely do this with my second!

Baby’s first scrapbook
With my daughter's first birthday quickly approaching, I dedicated an entire 6x8 album to her familly. I asked each person some personal questions (favorite ice cream, color, hobby, etc.) I am compiling it for her birthday. This way we are learning all about her extended family, colors, and some fun facts about each person! I have also decorated each page with something special about each of them.

Birthday scrapbook ideas
I have a girlfriend that loves scrapbooks, but doesn't ever do any. She thinks that she doesn't have any good ideas. So for a baby shower gift to her, I created a birthday book. It was a simple 5x7 album and on each page I decorated it so she could add a picture of her son at each of his birthdays starting with a hospital picture all the way until he is 18 years old. I put a square in the top left corner of each page with the number of years old he would be (example: 1,2 or 3 etc.), put a triangle in the bottom right corner and added a few stickers of party hats or confetti. Now all she has to do is add his picture and she will have a scrapbook that she can enjoy.

Birthday party scrapbook ideas
I love hosting parties and I love taking pictures but we all know how difficult it is to be the hostess and the photographer. Each time I attend a special party I take my camera and snap photos of everything I can- guests, gifts (wrapped and opened), food, decorations, and of course the guest of honor. (It's fun to use "their" balloons instead of balloon stickers.) I develop the photos then arrange them into a small 5x7 book and give it to that person. This is a nice way to add to their memories without overwhelming them with more photos to scrapbook. (I always present them with the negatives incase I captured a moment they would like to add to their scrapbook.) My most appreciative friends were mom's whose children had a birthday party. For these books I also added simple text to the bottom of each page which turned it into their very own picture book. (I hope I receive one for my daughter's upcoming birthday party!)

Blackmail scrapbook
Embrace your bad photos!! I took a small square template and cut all of my bad photos (bad hair, weird looks etc.) and arranged them on black cardstock in a black album, affectionately known as the "blackmail album". Every so often, we look through it and have a really good laugh!
I hope these scrapbook ideas will help you to have an easy scrapbooking!

Themed Scrapbook Ideas.

Looking for a new scrapbook ideas? Use these themed scrapbook ideas to create a wonderful scrapbooking projects.

"A Year In The Life" scrapbook as a gift.

Last year I made my best friend a small album with something for every month during the year. We travel together a lot, so I had a photo of her on several trips we took during the year. I snapped her beside the new car she bought in August. In March, I had a photo of her looking hale and hearty after recuperating from surgery. In April, when I wasn't able to get a picture of her, I included a photo of her great-nephew and -niece, whom she adores. The last photo was at her home during Christmas-time, showing holiday decorations in the background. I put borders on one last page, and gave her a sticker set of a small Christmas tree and decorations, which she put in the album herself. She also added notes about what we had for dinner at our traditional gift-exchange get-together, and the other gifts I gave her. It was a real challenge making sure I got something (almost) every month, without giving away why my camera was pointed in her direction so often!

"Tips For A Good Marriage" scrapbook.

The reception is a good time to gather material for scrapping into a surprise wedding book for the newlyweds. The bride and groom are often so busy, they won't notice.
During the reception, have a family friend or relative not involved in the wedding party collect materials.
Arm them with a notepad, blank squares and rectangles of scrapbook paper, acid-free pens, and a camera with a flash, and assign them to visit each table during the course of the reception.
Have "The Collector" and tell the guests that we are secretly collecting materials for a scrapbook for the newlyweds. Ask each couple or family to write down a tip for making a good marriage on one of the scraps and sign it. Then take their photo. Write the name of the guests in the notepad with the frame number of the film for easy identification later.
Match the photos with the tips onto scrapbook pages and title "Tips for a Good Marriage".
This works well at small weddings, but may be difficult at large events.

Song scrapbook.

My two children like to sing their favorite songs before bedtime. So, I decided to make an album with their favorite songs in them. On one page I put a picture that relates to the song and opposite that page is the verse of the song in my handwriting. My children just love it.

50 States.

Travel is a big deal in our family and we are excited to say that we have been all over. To commemorate our daughter's travels, I have started a 50 States and Beyond theme album that has one page per state and one page for Washington, D.C. The last page is reserved for "Beyond" (trips out of the country). She is now 14 months old and has visited 14 states and lived in 3! I keep the pages the same for the most part: a black background, state titles, bright matting and a state diecut if I can find it. I include a couple of facts about the state, a note and picture of her on her first visit to the state and plenty of space to write in her future visits. I hope she will keep this book up throughout her lifetime and continue to work to fill any pages that we don't finish before she leaves home.

A Disney Scrapbook With Character.

Instead of using the same Disney style scrapbooking as I had done in previous Disney albums I decided to try something new. I called the album "Finding Character in the Characters" For each Disney Character that I had pictures of with my children I went through a Character Quality book and found a Quality which I felt best fit with each one. For example: Mickey Mouse - Joyfulness; Pluto - Loyalty etc. Each page had the regular Disney style scrapbooking and included a title with the Character's name, character quality and the definition for that quality. It's been a great learning tool for my children and myself, helping us realize that everyone has character qualities. It's also nice to know that my kids are learning valuable information when they look through this scrapbook! Great Scrapbook Idea!

A Musical Scrapbook.

I was challenged to put together an album for my mother-in-law's retirement in a very short period of time. Her main work was as a wife and mother for most of her adult life with a career after her kids were older, so I wanted to work in her family. I did a time line with each place she worked, a layout of the place she retired from and then a page for each family member. To tie the album together, I printed the words to an appropriate Christian song. Then I recorded a CD to send along with the album. Now when she listens to the CD in her car, she can relive her scrapbook and all the people who love her again and again.

ABC Bible Verses.

I created an ABC album for my daughter using Bible verses. I used an 8 1/2 X 11 album and used two facing pages for each letter. I cut out a large letter for each and decorated the pages with at least on picture that was related and several smaller pictures, stickers, die cuts, etc. But on each page I also added on child like Bible verse (such as "Honor your father and your mother.") that started with the letter. She loves to look through and identify the pictures but she is also starting to memorize the verses at only 3 years old.

ABC Scrapbook.

I love doing theme scrapbooks and have made an effort to do one book for every niece and nephew I have. The scrapbook I did for my youngest niece was an ABC book. I literally went through the alphabet and created pages that corresponded with the letter of the alphabet. Ex: A for Aunties Angel, B for Big Brothers, C for cousins, etc. I also made every page to incorporate the pictures to relate to my niece who the book was about. Not only is it a great book to show her growing up, but it teaches her the alphabet at the same time. I made my scrapbook 12x12, but this would be perfect for 8 1/2 x11 or a special book of 5x7.

ABC'S Of Our 1st Home.

My husband and I moved into our first home two years ago. We took many pictures throughout the first year, including about 100 pictures of him finishing our basement into a rec room. Instead of putting the pictures into an album chronologically, I made an ABC scrapbook of our first year in our first home. Here's the way my letters came out - some of them more personal to us and our life, but all are worth sharing.
A - Aquarium (we built an aquarium into the basement wall), B - Basement, BBQ, Bandit (one of the dogs we adopted soon after we moved in), C - Ceiling construction, D - Disney World (our vacation that year), E - Electrical work, F - First home pictures, G - Garden, H - Holidays, I - Irises and Inside the house, J - 4th of July (the day we moved in), L - London (a work trip I took), M - Moving Day, N - Nags Head (a short trip we took), O - Our street, Our neighborhood, Our town, P - Puppies, Q - Quiet time, R - Remodeling, S - Soccer (I played that Spring), T - Tools, U - Under Construction, V - Virginia Tech (went to the Sugar Bowl that year), W - Walls and Wallpaper, X - Xtra playful in the snow (puppies), Z - Z- End of our first year.

Use your imagination and these themed scrapbook ideas to create great and unique story of your life.