Scrapbook Ideas For Beginners.

Here are some scrapbook ideas for beginners. Do you look at boxes and bags and drawers of photos and wondered where to start and if it is really worth all the effort that it would take? Have you hesitated to get that roll of film developed because you know that the photos will be added to those in the drawer from last Thanksgiving, last Christmas, etc.?

Well, don't throw up your hands in despair, it is easier than you think. If you are not in the mood (or don't have the time) to organize, sort, etc., start today. Start with Thanksgiving Day and work your way backward. If you use a loose-leaf, 3 ring binder with page protectors, you can change the order of your photos at any time.

Do your autumn photos, your summer photos, your back to school photos, and your vacation photos, your office photos or school photos. Start with the ones that are the freshest on your mind and work your way back. Keep it simple and don't get carried away with fancy layouts. You can always add to them later if you find appropriate stickers, etc.

You can even change your whole layout if you don't get carried away with cropping. Don't worry if you can't find commercially printed background papers appropriate to the subject you are doing- just make your own.

If it's a choir concert, scan or photocopy a piece of sheet music, the program, etc. If it's your daughter's dance recital, you can even place her ballet slippers on the scanner or copier and copy them (or take a photo of the slippers and scan it or have it enlarged for a background).

There are many programs with wonderful clipart that you can use to make your own background papers in much the same way as the folks who love to do rubber-stamping. Choose an object that you like and then cut and paste it at intervals on the page.

There are also great background pages and borders in many of the computer programs . Before you know it, you will be a fanatic just like the rest of us! You will see everyday occurrences as pages in life's scrapbook, waiting for you to record!

Today we have various ways to record and preserve family history. Today, we have photo printers, die cuts, acid free paper, gel pens, and fancy albums, but we are still recording the same events. From recording everyday life at home, work or play to engagements. Weddings and holidays, a first tooth, or first steps to even potty training, these are memories that are treasured and linger in our hearts, minds and albums forever.

An album doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. It doesn’t have to have the most stickers or the latest die-cuts. It does need to be a work of art. It needs to reflect who you are and record your life for those who will enjoy it in years to come.

Some people have cropped valuable vintage photos, or one of a kind wedding proofs only to regret it later. Stop and think before you crop any photo. And never crop any for which you don't have the negative. If you feel an uncontrollable urge to crop a vintage photo, use your scanner and computer to make a copy. You will be thanked for generations to come!

Scrapbooking is an art form. Don't be afraid to treat it as such! With all the idea books and magazines that are available, it may be tempting to simply copy what others have done. This can be great and yield beautiful results. However, we each need to develop our own personal style. If your inner artist says 'yuck' to something, don't do it! If you see an idea or technique that takes your breath away, then use it.

We don't have to succumb to all of the newest trends, nor do we have to limit ourselves to the things we are already doing. Allow your personality to shine through; your scrapbooks are a unique expression of who you are. Your family will appreciate all the work you have put into them, and will love seeing what you thought looked good.

So next time you sit down to crop, close your eyes and think for just a moment about what work of art you want to create today. Then do it! Take the time to journal to your children and grandchildren. Leave with them the knowledge of knowing you. Some of the things you might include would be:

1. What the happiest times in your life were and why.
2. Your religious beliefs.
3. People that made a true impression in your life and why.
4. What was the saddest event in your life and how you felt.
5. Your virtues, beliefs and moral beliefs you would want to instill in future generations.
6. Your favorite place to vacation and memories of it.
7. The way you like to "de-stress"

Continue on with this line of thought and tell a true story of you to future generations. I hope these simple scrapbook ideas for beginners will help you to start.
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