Scrapbook Ideas To Increase Scrapbook Creativity And Motivation.

Try to use the next scrapbook ideas for fun scrapbooking. When I went to one place for vacation two months ago, I already had my scrapbook pages planned before I got home. I knew I wanted to buy some postcards of my trip, but I ended up buying around 30-40 of them! I wanted to show my postcards in my scrapbook, but not on separate pages. Instead, I used the mosaic scrapbook ideas, and placed several postcards on one page. It was a great space-saver as well as a fun way to display the postcards.

While enjoying my niece's birthday party at Club Disney, I came up with a great lettering scrapbook ideas for my future layout about the event. On one wall was written "Happy Birthday"-the letters were a series of holes lit from behind. I knew the look was perfect for my birthday pages! To re-create the letters, I wrote the title in pencil on purple cardstock. Then I turned my Family Treasures mini-extension, 1/16" circle punch upside down and positioned the hole over my pencil line. Next, I just punched holes along the lines to create the letters. As a final touch, I mounted the title on white cardstock to make the letters stand out. This fun "marquee sign" look can also be used with metallic or glittery papers. It's perfect for a title about a night on the town or a trip to New York!

When my son was born, a co-worker offered to babysit him for me because she decided to stay home with her son as well. And she presented me with a wonderful scrapbook of the entire year with my son at her home. She journalized his development and took pictures of him as well. She has done this for me every year since and I look forward to her gift every Christmas. Not only does this give me a wonderful keepsake, it also helps me to see what I may be missing while working.

Here are scrapbook ideas to display your child's handprints and footprints. Turn these precious prints into the body and wings of an angel. First, prepare a surface for the angel (such as a scrapbook page, album cover, apron or wall hanging). I used a scrapbook binder, so I painted the background first. Next, put white craft paint on a paper plate and have your child place his or her hands in the paint one at a time. (Try not to get excessive paint on your child's hand because it will pool on your project. It's helpful to practice on a piece of paper first.)Have your child apply the right hand print for the right wing, and the left hand print for the left wing. When the wings are dry, have your child dip his or her foot onto a paper plate with soft-colored paint. Press the foot down at the center of the wings, with the heel at the top. When the body has dried, paint a round circle for the angel face and embellish it with details, including hair. You can also outline the body to make a long "robe," adding scallops and dots for a feminine angel or a collar and angular lines for a masculine angel. Be sure to keep your embellishments simple so they don't overpower the prints. Finally, top your angel with a halo and add background embellishments if desired. Remember to put a name and date on your masterpiece!

Something I like to do to help decide on a color to use on my scrapbook page is to close my eyes for a few seconds and then open them again looking at my page. Then I ask myself "What is the first thing I saw?" If it was the paper or embellishments etc I know I need to make a change. If it is the photo then I know it is a good color choice.

In order to stay motivated to scrapbook, I rely on two things: my scrapbook journal and artistic and creative publications. Like any other arts and crafts related activity, one needs a boost now and then to keep going.
My scrapbook journal is one way I stay motivated to scrapbook. I bought a beautiful woman's day book just for recording my scrapbook experiences and ideas. In it, I record pages completed, new techniques attempted, and quotes from my children or anything I want to include in a future page. An added bonus: the daybook includes preprinted quotes on every page! Another helpful task is by checking out art and creativity publications from my local library. I have garnered much useful information from art magazines concerning creativity boosters and design tips. Of course, I also rely heavily on all of my magazines!

My favorite scrapbooking tips follow three basic criteria: cheap, easy, quick. This is one that I like to do: If you want to include your child's favorite characters in their scrapbook, but are having a hard time finding products, look to their books. You can scan, print, and cut out, or, for a more artistic look, place vellum over a page in their book (or cover to a favorite movie) and trace, leaving out any unwanted elements. You can color it in, or leave it as a pencil drawing. You can even make small changes (ie, putting a character's arm around a silhouetted photo of your child) very easily. I like doing this because it personalizes the pages, and it requires no artistic talent.

My children love scrapbooking. Great for rainy and sick days! We keep a large container full of stuff for them when they need it "this also teaches them to recycle rather than discard" Things we have put in it. Discarded magazines, stickers, ribbons, buttons, wrapping paper, crayons, string, yarn, writing items, shoelaces, junk mail flyers with pictures, material scraps, construction paper, safe children scissors, glue sticks.. Always something being added and it all gets used! My children sometimes scrapbook without photos so I don't mind if the things are acid/lignon free or not. It is just for hours of fun!

Help the person celebrating a birthday feel like a star for a day by setting out completed scrapbook pages and/or albums about them at the celebration. Everyone will gain a better appreciation for the unique person that they are and the birthday person will feel even more special!

Every year I take my kids school pictures and create a layout in which I create a special page that shows their change year to year. I use the school picture on one page and on the facing page I take paint and have them press their hand and foot on the page, I also "journal" 10 questions (the same ones each year) and have the kids write the answers down. It's a really neat way to show how much difference just one year makes. So use these scrapbook ideas.
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