Scrapbook Ideas for a Themed Scrapbook.

A themed scrapbook can be created with one theme. This scrapbooks can be dedicated to a specific event or occasion, such as:

Trips: vacations, cruises, camping, skiing

School: first day, graduation, prom night

Birthdays: each birthday in a different color

Weddings and anniversaries

Baby: first year, christening, baptism

Reunions: family, school

Family history: each member of the family can contribute a page or section

Annual events: Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, New Year's

Clubs and organizations: historical societies, gourmet groups, adventure clubs, scouts, theatrical, Little League, soccer, football, swimming, gymnastics, dance

Other: building or remodeling a home, photo of the month, grandparent's album, recipe book, poetry and thoughts, inspiration, business promotion

Scrapbook Materials:

Paper cutters
Glue sticks
Double-stick tape
Acid-free paper
Calligraphy or other stylized writing instruments
Optional: alphabet stamp sets, embossing inks and powders, stamps, stickers, computer images

Tips for a themed scrapbook:

Begin with the result in mind. Tell a story with the photos you take, and keep notes and souvenirs to add to the book.

Don't spend much money on the album. Buy plain, inexpensive albums, then dress up the insides and outsides with decorated laminated sheets.

Keep photos in an acid-free file. These become the master photos. Make copies of photos to put in memory books. That way, you can have copies enlarged or reduced so the photos are different sizes.

Copy several photos on one large sheet, and cut them apart to save money rather than copy each photo individually.

Old yellowed letters and papers can be copied so they turn out white.

To make photos look old, photocopy colored photos in black and white, then deckle the edge with scissors or a deckle cutter.

Use acid-free paper, and laminate each page so your album will last a lifetime.

Western Scrapbook


Copies of photos
Denim jeans
Inexpensive acid-free three-ring binder
Flag-patterned fabric
Laminating sheets
Paper punches
Decorative-edged scissors

1. Have photos copied in various sizes. Place several photos on one sheet, and cut the copies apart.

2. Copy the seat of a pair of denim jeans with back pockets for background. Copy the leg of the jeans for a plain denim background.

3. If you want to introduce a Fourth of July theme, so you can copy a piece of flag-patterned fabric.

4. Laminate the copy of the flag fabric, and stick it to the cover of an acid-free three-ring binder with acid-free double-stick tape.

5. Laminate the copy of the denim fabric. Place copies of photos on the background, and decorate with cutouts that fit the theme - in this case, a blue ribbon, star punches and written messages. Cut the edges of the photos with decorative-edged scissors.

Old-Fashioned Scrapbook


Black-and-white photos that have been copied
Acid-free black paper
Acid-free pen with white ink
Decorative-edged scissors
Hibiscus-patterned rubber stamp
Acid-free white inkpad
Embossing powder
Heat tool for embossing

1. Cut the edges of copied black-and-white photos with decorative-edged scissors. Stick the photo onto black acid-free paper with acid-free double-stick tape. Outline the photo, following the decorative-edged design, with an acid-free pen that has white ink.

2. Load a hibiscus-patterned rubber stamp with white ink. Stamp the image on the black paper near the photo. Apply embossing powder to the image, and heat to emboss with a heat tool.

A themed scrapbook lets you bring back the emotions of the event or occasion and make it fun to look in the future.
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