Simple Scrapbook Layouts

Simple scrapbook layouts for you. Due to a very busy time in my life, I put scrapbooking on hold until recently. It was about two weeks ago, that I got together with a few friends and we enjoyed a wonderful time chatting, snacking and scrapbooking! What I found interesting as I sat looking through some of the pages that I had completed a few months ago, was that I was happy with all of the work I had done. There was a variety of layouts that I looked at -- some had taken me a few hours to complete, others took no more than a half of an hour, but overall, I liked them all. As I sat looking through these layouts, I came to realize I have a few simple patterns that I tend to use over and over again, yet with different photos and color combinations. I also realized that these simple, timesaving layouts look just as nice as the layouts that took me two hours to complete.

Below I have shared with you several basic scrapbook layout ideas. By incorporating these simple patterns into your scrapbooking routine, you will find that scrapbooking can become much easier and you will be able to produce more beautiful pages in less time.

Idea #1: Corners
Using two different, yet coordinating pieces of paper, choose paper #1 to be your background and paper #2 to be the corners. By cutting off the corners of paper #2, you can then glue them directly on top of paper #1's corners. This method can be used on just two opposite corners, or all four.

Idea #2: Bordered
Using two different, yet coordinating pieces of paper, choose paper #1 to be the border, and paper #2 to be the on top. With paper #2, trim away an equal amount on each edge. Apply glue to the back of paper #2 and carefully position it on top of paper #1, with equal edges showing. If you wish, you can even take a third piece of trimmed-down paper and glue it right in the center, which will give the look of a matted frame.

Idea #3: Top Bar and Bottom Bar
Using any two pieces of paper, cut approximately two inches off of the bottom of one. Line up this two inch piece on the top of the other paper so that it creates a top bar across the paper. On this bar you may wish to give your layout a title. To create a bottom bar, simply place this two inch piece along the bottom of the uncut paper.

Idea #4: Side Bar
Using any two pieces of paper, cut an approximate one inch piece of the long side of one. Line up this long, one inch piece of paper, on the either side of the other paper.

Idea #5: Center Bar
A center bar is created in basically the same way that a top or bottom bar is created, expect that you glue the piece in the middle of the paper. With a center bar, you are able to make it larger than two inches, and you will most likely place photos on top of the bar.

Idea #6: Patches
Cut squares pieces from scrapbook paper and glue it in random order on another piece of paper.

With all of the basic ideas above, you will find that all you will have left to do is add your photos and you will have your albums completed in no time!

Do you have a simple way of creating scrapbook layouts for your scrapbook? Share your ideas with other scrapbookers in comments.
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