Looking for a New Scrapbook Ideas?

If you are looking for a unique scrapbook ideas consider the next ideas.
Baby scrapbook ideas. I have written down funny things my 5 year old has said or done over the years and collected them in a small notebook. I'm creating a scrapbook of pictures and words from A-Z that describe my son. On one page of a 2 page layout, I have the word & story or quotes. The other page has pictures that support the text.

Vacation scrapbook ideas. This summer my kids are each working on a "What I did on my summer vacation" mini scrapbook. It will be a wonderful momento of what they did over the summer (not just the big events, the everyday stuff too), but it also keeps them busy on rainy days. The bonus for me is that I get some "extra" scrapbooking time and quality time with my kids too!

Wedding scrapbook ideas. I made an album for my girlfriends daughter, who was getting married. We sent a letter to a lot of our married friends, asking them to send a picture of them and their spouse (recent or old) along with a tip on how to stay married. I've gotten a lot of old wedding photos and a recent one and have complied them into a scrapbook for her and her new husband.

I plan on making a scrapbook for my future daughter-in-law for each shower, for example they are having a tool and kitchen gadget shower. So I will take a picture of each guest as they come in and let them sign a scrapbook page with a special wish for the couple or words of wisdom. I plan on having each page marketed off for a place for the picture, message and a place under the picture for the gift that they received. I'm hoping to find a small scrapbook with a slot for the couples picture on the front, but if not of course I'll start their book off with their pic on the first page. Then a picture of the hosting couple, pictures during the party and end up with a group photo with the couple and their gifts. I think they will enjoy it much more than looking back on a wedding album with just a bunch of signatures.

In the search for a "perfect" wedding gift for several friends that got married over the last year, I decided to get creative. I used a 5 x 7 scrapbook and titled it "(couples' names) first year in pictures". I use personal events throughout the year, leaving 1 page for each memory. I decorate each page to match the memory. I have used wedding day, honeymoon, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's day (and the list goes on, depending on the couple.) This is a very personal gift that is easy for a newlywed or amateur scrapbooker to complete and it’s a good scrapbook idea.

Working in a smaller format album, I am making a 2010 "time capsule" album. It has 6 different chapters - one for each member of our family (favorite items, wishes, etc.), one for the news, one for life in 2010 (groceries, etc.), and one about our family (family rules, pets, family reading, etc.). I'm hoping that this scrapbook will cover a lot of items that would never show up in my regular scrapbook.

Travel scrapbook ideas. One of the things I remembered most ahttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifs a child was taking wonderful vacations with my father and he would also pull over by the state sign as we entered into another state so that he could take a picture of us by it. So when I had children, I wanted to keep up this tradition. Each one of my children have a 8x11 album with a page for each state. As we travel during the summer we stop and have the kids get their pictures by the state signs. I then place the picture of the sign and other pictures of the things we did in the state on the states page. I also purchased from the USPS the stamps for each state. I have journaled the information about each state also(state capital, bird, flower, etc.). Now each child will have memories of what they did in each state. Our goal is to have traveled all 50 states before our oldest graduates high school.
A new scrapbook ideas are born or created every day! Just create them!
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