A Random Scrapbook Ideas.

Travel scrapbook ideas. Buy at least one postcard each place you travel (even if it just to a nearby city) and write the date, events of the trip, and who was there. Write quick notes about fun experiences on the trip and then mail it to your home. For long trips try to write yourself a postcard each day.
When you return home put these postcards with your travel photos and memorabilia. Later when you scrapbook the events, not only will you have a great collection of postcards to add to your scrapbook layouts but you will have the details needed to get your journaling done!

I literally, picked up an old shutter at the side of the road and now use it for a photo/memorabilia/reminder board in my scrapbook "area". After salvaging, I sanded, painted and glued strips of thick cardstock to the back and bottom of each slat. This created a hidden ledge to rest a photo, card, or list on. I love it and it is a great conversation starter. (And helps my scrapbook table clutter free when not in use)

If I ever get stumped while scrapping, I sit down with my little boy and a watch a video. It really helps to get the creative juices flowing. Fantasia is nice too. I think it's the combination of classical music and art that helps to inspire me. Scrapbooking really is an art.

Journaling scrapbook ideas. The best way to get past writer's block when journaling is to do what writers do: keep writing. Feel free to jot down drivel on your scrap pad; you have the freedom to write drivel every now and then! The important thing is that by keeping on writing, you will eventually get back on track. You can't write anything good if you're not writing at all!

Cure ho-hum journaling by focussing on action words, a.k.a. verbs. After you've drafted a paragraph, re-read it and replace the blah phrases such as "we went" or "we enjoyed" with more interesting and specific phrases such as "we ambled" or "we giggled." By focussing on strong verbs, you'll infuse your journaling with energy and interest. Verbs rule!

Vacation scrapbook ideas. When my family is on vacation I always mail a post card home addressed to my 3yr. old daughter. I also buy a duplicate post card which I pack away in my luggage. I write about where we went and what my daughter did for fun while on our trip. When we arrive home my daughter has a post card that I put in her scrapbook. I take the duplicate card and have one for the front showing the picture and one with the journaling that has been post marked.

When I go on vacation, I keep a daily journal. At the end of the day, when my husband and son go to sleep, I sit in the hotel room and write myself a letter about our daily excitement. When I get home, my journaling is done! For my last Disney trip, I created my scrapbook pages, numbering each one on a paper punched Mickey head. When the book was completed, I typed up my journaling, referencing the pages showcasing photos on the subject. To "read" my travelogue, you take the journaling booklet, read along, and turn the pages of the scrapbook as indicated. This has enabled me to create the scrapbook without worrying about pulling the correct journaling sections for inclusion on the actual page, and enables me to include journaling without the worry of fitting it on my pages.

Before going on vacation with my husband and boys I purchased three spiral bound notebooks. I gave one to each of the boys and I kept one for myself. We journaled about what we did everyday (what we did, how we liked it, anything of importance about it, etc). This will make it so much easier to scrapbook our vacation and will also allow me to include my sons' (and occasionally husband's) perspective about our trip.
Use these scrapbook ideas if you need a new creative outlet.
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