Creative Scrapbooking Ideas.

Here are some ways to come up with new and creative scrapbooking ideas for your next scrapbook.
I size fonts I want to use for titles so they fit inside of a 5/8" circle. I then print the title on cardstock and use my small circle punch to punch each letter out individually. Be sure to leave enough spacing between letters. I put a pop dot underneath each letter, or alternating letters, to make titles for my pages. It really adds a fun dimension.

Scrapbooking ideas about lettering templates. I found that I don't make enough trips to the craft store to buy plastic sheets to make my own lettering templates. I have found that as long as you are willing to trace and cut, you can cut the letters out on cardstock. This way you can make a template whenever you need to.

Next time you find yourself at a die cut machine with a set of alphabet shapes, run a sheet of shrinky-dink plastic through the dies. Not only will you have letters you can shrink in the oven and use on your layouts, you’ll create another lettering template for your collection.

When using cardstock for your lettering, type the title and establish the size on your computer and flip the lettering 90 degrees and mirror the image. Feed the construction paper into your printer then print it out. When you cut it out the ink will be on the back of the letter!

Sometimes when I'm trying to cut out a narrow or thin lettering style with my knife, I have a little trouble keeping the paper down while I cut. Especially when part of the letter is already cut out-the part I'm attempting to cut often slips on the mat from the force of my blade. I found that using scotch removable tape helps! I simply use the tape to tape the letter to my glass mat before cutting, then cut with my knife through both the tape and the paper. The tape removes easily without tearing or damaging the paper and I get a much better cut.

No money scrapbooking ideas. You can download from the web or have someone you know scan lettering templates.
1. Save them to your hard drive
2. Open in Adobe Photoshop.
3. Trim out each letter that you want to use and put in in the hold
4.Open a new page to the size that you want.
5. Pull each letter out of the hold and onto the new page
6 Merge
7. Print out the lettering
You can print it on paper to trace or you can print it right on paper and cut it out.

I recently got a set of alphabet letter punchers that are somewhat small. I found it a tedious task to glue every letter down for a title, so I thought of a substitute for when your fingers aren't up for it. Punch the letters you want in order on a sheet of cardstock to spell the words for your title and then use the cardstock with the letters punched out as your title (read: instead of using the actual letters, use the paper you punched it out of). Save the letters for a when you have more time to individually glue the letters down. Layer the punched out paper on top of another color for a bold effect. It’s a good creative scrapbooking idea.

Instead of drawing pencil lines, I've discovered that by laying down a wide post-it note, I can use it as a quick guide for hand lettering. When I'm done with one line, I just move the post-it note down a little to write the next line. For longer lines, just lay down more than one post-it note side-by-side. It sure saves me time from drawing and erasing pencil lines!
Getting new creative scrapbooking ideas for your next scrapbook pages is easy if you try and think outside of the box.

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