Organizing Scrapbook Ideas.

Here are a great tips for organizing scrapbook ideas. I have the paper carriers, and use those when I am going to a friend's house to scrap. Other than that, I keep my papers (because I have a ton) in a wicker trunk. It came in a pack of 2. Inside of the larger basked I placed two regular letter sized metal file hangers and I put my 12 x 12 papers into letter sized hanging file folders by color scheme. I probably have over 1000 pieces of paper in there. I liked using the regular sized hanging files because the top of the paper sticks out and I can easily see the color and/or pattern I want. Because it has a lid, and the lid is high enough, the papers do not bend (of course, it's completely full so they are supported by each other as well). This did not hold all of my paper so I purchased the flexible plastic 12 x 12 folders for my special papers (i.e., mulberry, themed). Christmas has its own folder, sports has its own, etc... Then I can quickly go through those. The smaller wicker basket is too small for a metal hanging file folder frame so I just keep other items that I don't use that often in there. We had actually purchased these baskets to store my sweaters in our bedroom (not a lot of closet space), but when I found out they fit the file hangers side by side, they quickly found another home in our family room. What makes it great is that the baskets sit in our family room all of the time, and look like decorations.

Scrapbook ideas to organize your stickers, die cuts, etc. I found that I was spending far too much time and energy looking through my stickers and die cuts for each layout. I decided to recycle my old magnetic and pocket page albums by using them as storage. Now, I can easily see everything I have but I don't have to touch it all. Plus - I can organize them by type, holiday or time of year so that I can draw inspiration rather than just trying to fill space.

I subscribe to 2 scrapbooking magazines and have other scrapbook ideas books as well. It is hard for me to remember where I saw pages I want to make or ideas I want to use. I started keeping a notebook topic pages. If I find a page or ideas I want to use, I list the magazine date and page number and maybe a quick sketch of the page in my notebook. When I start a new layout, I look under that topic in my notebook so I can see if there are any pages or magazine ideas to apply to my new layout. For example, if I am making a swimming page, I open my notebook to the swimming topic, I then know where I saw a page I liked. Then I grab my magazine and can easily make a layout from the idea.

I discovered that cleaned, used baby food jars make a great place to store all my little scrapping embellishments. The jars are see-through, stack nicely, and are the perfect size to store eyelet, clips, bead and all sorts of little things.

I often use my scrapbook ideas books and mags for inspiration; but it took up to much desk space and I was always rearranging to see my LO. I purchased a clear acrylic cookbook holder (very inexpensive) and now place the mag or ideas book in the holder and place the book holder at the far end of the desk. It holds the book in place and doesn’t interfere with my desk space, but I can clearly see the book for reference purposes without a cluttered desktop.

I was always frustrated with the ever-growing pile of photos and momentos to scrapbook that I kept filed away in a box. Now I enjoy them by keeping them in a regular photo album until I get to scrapbook them. I slide them into the slots (of course I don't use the sticky magnetic paged album!!) and then put a post-it note on the outside with the details (date, place, memories). I also sketch a possible layout idea or put possible titles while the topic is still fresh in my mind. This is also a great way to pull out photos for a specific topic that cover a wide time span (i.e. my son's personality, my daughter's smile). Now I can enjoy the pictures as they wait to be scrapbooked and easily pull out my next project! So when you need an idea for a page layout just turn to these scrapbook ideas for fun scrapbooking.
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  1. Scrapbooks are created to narrate one’s life journey from the beginning to the present. Yet, sequential life events are not the most creative criteria to produce a creative compilation. It is the album theme that determines picture organization. To do this, sort the collected images and narrow them into distinct categories related to the theme