Paper Piecing Scrapbook Ideas.

Here are scrapbook ideas for using paper. Use a tiny amount of clear embossing powder to add dimension to the buttons, stitches, and lace-holes of your paper dolls, and to give life to your dolls' eyes! When adding detail to little paper piecing parts, I use a temporary adhesive to hold the piece to a scrap piece of paper so it doesn't move around, then peel it up and place it where it belongs.

Class pictures scrapbook ideas. Create a fun, interactive layout for your child's class photo by placing it behind the doors of a paper-pieced schoolhouse design.

If you want to have the right color to accent your latest page you can use your computer to print out a swatch of the color you require on any light-colored sheet of cardstock, such as white or ivory. This is perfect for those paper piecing that require only a little piece of a particular color. It works great with vellum, too, and saves you from having to purchase each vellum color. Then you can punch or cut out the shape you need. Another helpful scrapbook idea – use your computer to print out textures, too. I used a wood grain pattern to print out a fence that I used in a backyard paper piecing. I added a little chalk for dimension, and it looked quite realistic.

I have made quilt templates for years and the material sold to make these with is great for making a copy of the pieces. It doesn't fray and you can place it on top of the pattern and trace it and cut it out. Then you have a permanent pattern that can be put in a bag and loaned without worry. I also make a copy of the uncut pattern (just in case). You can also make a copy of the colored finished picture (just in case). It’s a nice scrapbook idea.

When paper piecing, instead of cutting out your pattern pieces two times (once from the original, then transferred on your paper), cut out the original in a chunky square, adhere with glue dots, place the pattern on your cardstock or whatever you are piecing together, and then cut in the details. This eliminates having to detail cut twice and makes the final cut easier because there is an edge to follow instead of a black line.

For quick paper-piecing patterns, check your children's clothing. I scanned one of my baby's shirt designs into the computer, then printed the scan as a pattern. After cutting out each animal in the design, I pieced them together and adhered them to my layout. I included two photos of my baby in the same shirt and added a title to finish the layout. I ended up with a great page without the cost of buying a paper-piecing pattern.

I used to cut up my paper piecing patterns and inevitably lose some pieces. So I started tracing my patterns with my embossing stylus right on to the desired color/pattern of paper. I kept my pattern in one piece and only cut out the finished product. Best of all, I scanned all of my patterns onto my computer, so if they become too ragged, I can just print out another. It's easy and saves time and money.

Inexpensive paper piecing scrapbook ideas. For my son's Birthday, he wanted a Dalmatian themed party. While we were shopping for party supplies, I came across a coloring book full of pictures of dalmatians. I made copies of the pages and transferred the images onto white acid free cardstock. I cut out the images and pasted them onto the Birthday Party pages of my son. It is the perfect accent and cost only pennies.

I had collected so many frame ups and other pre-made diecuts. They are darling to look at, but when it came time to use them, they were never the right color. I finally decided to change that. By using a piece of tracing paper, I paperpiece the wrong color such as the clothes on the frame up friend. I then can color co-ordinate it to match my photos. Titles and other premade embellishments can easily be covered with just the "right" color to match your layout perfectly. In the attached layout, I was able to change the frame up friends pajamas to match the ones in my photo! These ideas help you to develop new scrapbook ideas!
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