Scrapbook Ideas For Special Occasions.

Look at these scrapbook ideas and customize them to your own needs.
Before my now-husband and I were dating, he had given me a beautiful photo album, just as a surprise little gift for me. When we got married three years later, I decided to turn the album into a record of our marriage, one anniversary at a time. On the front page, I put a picture of us on our wedding day. I included just a few basic scrapbook journaling elements - favorite memories, etc. Then on our one-year anniversary, we took another picture and put it on the second page. This year will be our second anniversary, so we'll fill in the third page, and so on... By the time the album's 40 pages are filled up, we'll have a wonderful progressive journal of our marriage!

I wanted to make something special for my father's 60th birthday so I came up with the scrapbook idea to make a "60 Reasons We Love You" scrapbook for him. The pages included anything from "attending our dance recitals" to "because you have cute kids."

For all of those special photos of your birthday party guests or misc photos, cut to shape slightly smaller than balloon die cuts (or homemade balloon shapes) and mount on colored/designed papers. Arrange your balloon "bouquet" on a 1 or 2 page spread. Use a hole punch or grommets and attach string/ribbon to use as the string on a balloon. Tie with string/ribbon to hold your bouquet together. You can use coordinating pen colors for your journaling to relate to the background paper of your balloon photo. Imagine the possibilities - children's parties, surprise parties for adults, baby showers, bridal showers, family picnics, etc.

After my daughter's 2nd birthday, before I even began to scrap the pages, I made a pocket page and put her birthday cards in it. I traced her hand and placed it to hold up "2" fingers and put the cards in. She loves to look at them in the protector.

I have a scrapbook done for all of my daughter's birthdays using the birthday cards she receives from her friends and relatives. For instance on her 3rd birthday, I cut out all the rhymes and #3's and pasted them on my craft page. I also used some of the cards as photo frames. It's great and inexpensive scrapbook ideas and when people come over and see her birthday pictures in the scrapbook they are happy to see their cards put to good use.

Since I usually have many notes, cards, and special remembrances from holidays I usually make a "pocket" page to put these things in. Since I had just done a couple of pockets I was looking for something different to finish off my Christmas layout. I remembered purchasing a Christmas calendar. I liked the design and hoped to use it somehow in my scrapbooking. I punched holes in the end so it would fit in my album, printed "Christmas memories" on the open end and put all my cards and letters I wanted to keep inside. It has a slit closure so nothing falls out. It’s a beautiful ending to my album for 2010.

When my daughter was born, I packed cardstock to take to the hospital with me. The nurses were more than happy to put her footprints on cardstock for me and were willing to do several sheets for me.

When my daughter was born I had no time to stamp out birth announcements, nor did I have a bunch of money to special order any. I went straight to my computer and loaded her baby picture, printed it out onto vellum and printed out all the info on paper. I then cut cardstock 8 1/2"x11" into quarters (4's) and layered, first the words on paper, then the photo on vellum and then hole punched and threaded through some ribbon. Great keepsake and easy to do!
Use these scrapbook ideas to easily create an amazing scrapbook pages.
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