An Inspiring Scrapbook Ideas.

Here are a fun scrapbook ideas! Did you know that you can use regular old ordinary shoe polish to give a "too new" scrapbook that elegant "shabby chic" look? It's easy! just take a paste shoe polish and rub it into the cover of a faux leather type album and age that baby. It's a great look to go with all today's shabby chic embellishments!

Being a major "pack-rat" I kept several school papers, notes, report cards, and art work that my son has done in school. Since he will be a senior next year I decided to make a school scrapbook. For each year I chose a piece of art work that he made, scanned the piece and used this a pocket peice to hold a few of those important papers. It has really turned out to be his own personalized scrapbook pages.

When my daughter started Preschool I thought I'd be able to keep and display every single art project she made. Though I love them all, I realized that some of them were just too big! I started displaying them on a door and took photos of my daughter standing next to them and also zoomed in on the really special projects. I've started a Preschool scrapbook and it's turned out to be a great way to showcase those big projects.

Scrapbook ideas for recipe book. 5 ½ x 8 ½ 3-ring albums with sheet protectors make great recipe scrapbooks. Using half sheets of designer paper or cardstock, divide the book into sections using a particular sticker theme on each page, i.e. recipes for appetizers all have a yellow daisy sticker in the top right corner. (Put one also on the table of contents page, so you know which sticker goes with which section!)
Don't use front and back - use separate sheets so that you can slip in a special handwritten note to be handed down from generation to generation, along with a copy of the cash register receipt showing the price of the ingredients when you first made it! This makes a great gift for a new bride, whether daughter or daughter-in-law, and she can make notes on the back of the card on any changes made, etc.
Since it's in a 3-ring binder, it can easily be added to as new favorites are discovered. Also, the first time it is prepared, it can be copied and included on a scrapbook page, then popped right back in the book!

Instead of purchasing an already printed background, recycle things from the event. For example, if it's a recital page, use the program as a background. If it's a vacation, use a brochure as the background. If it's too little for your album, mount it on some cardstock to fit your sleeves. These are a creative and clever scrapbook ideas to recycle items from an event. Good luck and keep your eye opened for more ideas!

Bridal shower guests have long been asked to contribute recipes to the bride. I have used scrapbooking techniques to layout recipes, anecdotes and kitchen tips to create great recipe pages to be added to the Bride's cookbook. Guests could bring the recipes to the shower to decorate while they await the surprised bride or create their own at home and mail the recipe in advance or bring it the party for inclusion. This a great scrapbook idea to build a unique, personal recipe book, make use of spare supplies and create quick simple scrapbook pages. Or an entire scrapbook can be created by a family member as a special gift and great hand-me down.
Consider these scrapbook ideas to spark new ideas or point yourself in a new direction.

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  1. I made a scrapbook featuring my favorite cuisines. And I used AC cardstock for my page layout! :)