Chef-d'oeuvre Scrapbook Ideas!

You can scrapbook if you have good ideas for scrapbooks! Here are some of them! I used some of the faux greenery from my friend's wedding to embellish a page I did for her wedding album. (Make sure you ask first!!) I used a white glue to attach them to my page - glue sticks and other adhesives that work great for paper are just to light-weight for this, mostly because of the texture of the product.

Have you ever gotten to the end of an event, only to realize you forgot to take photos? Just go back and take photos of the last crumbs of cake, the crumpled wrapping paper, an invitation, etc. You can also include journaling about who came, what happened, what the guest of honor had to say, etc.

It is hard finding time to keep up with my scrapping, let alone make pages for the grandparents. As a photo nut who has framed pictures of family all over my house, I now make a special page and frame it. Scrapbook idea is using an 11x14 frame, I use 2 pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 paper and scrap away. This last Christmas, I made a heritage scrapbook page for my father and he not only loves it, but has it proudly displayed on the wall, where he can see it everyday, rather than in a book. It has proved to be a gift worth cherishing.

Our family hosted a surprise party for my Grandma's 65th birthday. As my gift, I put together a 12X12 scrapbook.
2 months before the party, I copied the names and addresses of everyone in my Grandma's address book while she was out of the house. I also jotted down family members, etc.
I sent all these people a note with "THIS IS A SURPRISE-PLEASE DON'T TELL" across the top and bottom, asking them to send their cards to me, preferably with a photo and a story or note about a fun memory/comment about my Grandma.
Every day I'd get notes in the mail, put them in a file, and decide which ones could face each other. If necessary, I color copied the interior of a birthday card (with a message from the sender) and used that on the page so we could see the inside and outside at the same time. The scrapbooking style and ideas for scrapbooks just depended on what the cards and photos look like.
At the party, I set out a decorated lined page for guests to sign in. We also took photos, which I scrapbooked after the party and placed in the album. Also, I included a page detailing what each family member had done to make the party happen.
Gram loves the album. And a fringe benefit was that I got to know Grandma even better, through her friends and her friends were excited about the album since they had all participated in its creation!!! This scrapbook will be a keepsake forever.

As a wedding present for my girlfriend’s second marriage, I made a scrapbook of her and her fiancĂ© and their time together. I began with "baby picture" pages of them and then added all of their first moments together these past five years. This included trips, cruises, weddings, graduations, birthdays and other scrapbook ideas.
She helped me with the information so I was able to journal quite a bit. They could not be happier with it, in fact, it is sitting on their new coffee table. It's nice when people appreciate all of the long hours it takes to put a scrapbook together.
So you get ideas for scrapbooks on how to make your own scrapbook.
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