Creative Scrapbook Ideas.

Here are a simple, versatile scrapbook ideas that can make your scrapbook more interesting and great looking.

Scrapbook ideas for your scrapbook pages – “Where are you?”
Cut out faces of family, friends, and even go through a magazine and cut out the faces of your favorite people. Tape or glue the faces side by side to make a collage of faces and then when family and friend come over, see if they can locate themselves!

Scrapbook ideas for using scraps. Like many I have to cut down most of my 12x12 background papers by 1/4 to 1/2 inch so they fit my scrapbook pages. I always keep the strips just in case. I use them from time to time - I'll make a stripe down one side of my backing or several on a photo backer - a plaid pattern if there is enough. My stockpile has grown after so many pages; I'm always trying to think of other ways to use them. I thought it might be cute to weave 2 or 3+ colors together (like a basket) and it was! I took a few strips of colors that matched the layout I was working on and weaved them in and out alternately, from all four sides making about a 2 x 2 square. You have to tape (I just used my mounting slits) the backside of the starting end and it's a good scrapbook idea to put some type of paper weight on that same end while you are working with it. It's a quick and easy addition if you need a little something else. It would be cute for baby scrapbook pages or almost any type family scrapbook page.

I have been bitten by the stamping bug, and have searched high and low for an ink color similar to that of walnut ink...nothing satisfied me so,I bought a blank/dry ink pad poured walnut ink in it and voila! I have walnut ink stamp pad...I can letter stamp with it, Direct to paper with it, age edges with it, just like a regular stamp pad with out the mess of walnut ink every where. The best idea is the easy clean up and the ability to take walnut ink on the go!

Scrapbook ideas for mosaic frame. When making a mosaic frame, start with a scrap piece of paper cut to the size picture you would like to frame. I always cut it a little smaller so the edges of the picture are hidden. Adhere it to the middle of a piece of cardstock with repositionable adhesive. Then run a line of the repositionable adhesive all the way around. This allows you to play with the squares of paper to make them fit. When finished with the inner layer just rub off the adhesive. Then work your way outward making as many rows as desired. When frame is complete, remove the scrap paper and use craft knife or cutter to remove inner section. Then trim cardstock around the outside edge and you have a perfect frame. Any left over squares and cardstock can be used to create embellishments for a two scrapbook page spread.

The longer you scrapbook, the more you find yourself being inspired by anything and everything you see! Ads, billboards, crafts, paintings, you name it! My new favorite place to look for inspiration is linens! Pull out the ads from your Sunday newspaper - there are always five or six stores having sales on bedding and I can usually find at least two or three bedding sets I'll clip out and add to my growing notebook of scrapbook ideas! For everything from color combinations to design elements to complete layout setups, the ideas you can get from bedding are endless! Want a treasure trove? Order catalogs! Lots of stores offer free catalogs and the ones that charge a fee are usually worth it for the extra pages of fun items to look at!

It seems that I never have the right color of cardstock. So if you are like me and can't always run to the local scrapbook store, use a white piece of cardstock and chalk to come up with the perfect color. This works great for matting photos and journaling, lettering and paper piecings. The best idea is that with my 40-piece chalk set, I always have the right color.

Put glue on your finger and spread it inside of a stencil (make sure you push the glue from the outside of the stencil, so the glue won't leak). Then, press tissue on the glue inside the stencil. Let the glue dry, and then tear the excess tissue paper away by using the edge of a paperclip, so you get the right shape. Pull the stencil off and tada!
So, try to turn these scrapbook ideas into design your scrapbook pages.

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