Scrapbooking Ideas and Tips.

Scrapbooking ideas for lettering. Using Microsoft Word, I type my title and change the font style to outline. When I go to print the title, I choose "iron on transfer" in the properties as my paper type. I then put the cardstock in upside down. By using the iron on transfer feature, the printer prints the title backwards. I then use scissors to cut the image on the back side of the cardstock. This way, the letters (right side up) do not show any outlines or ragged edges and look like they were punched out or bought from the store.

I came up with this idea not long ago as I was trying to find a good way to recycle a used up sheet of sticker letters. Most sticker sheets have a printed outline of the letter left on the sheet after the letter is removed. I cut around the individual sticker outline, then adhered it onto a small piece of laminate sheeting (the kind used for photos or luggage tags). Using a pair of small cuticle scissors, I then cut all around the outside of the letter outline, and VOILA! It's a great scrapbooking idea to re-use something we'd ordinarily toos in the trash. You'll now have gotten twice the bang for your buck! An added bonus is that the laminate is see thru, and when layered over colored or patterned paper, the letters match with the rest of the layout quite nicely!

Cost saving scrapbooking ideas. To save a bit of money from always buying alphabet stickers i go to the stencil department and look for alphabet stencils. I love the look of stickers and my own handwriting but I sometimes want something a bit better so I have found that the stencil section has a nice selection of alphabets. It takes a little more time but I am usually pleased with the result.

I love the look of stamped and embossed titles and lettering, but I don't have many stamps, so I improvise: I type my lettering on the computer and change it to a wide font, then change the format to outline with no fill. After printing I color the letters in with a clear pigment ink marker and emboss immediately. The results are great and turn out looking like they were stamped!

Make custom matching papers that coordinate with the clothing of your photo subject. Simply take a close-up picture of the fabric pattern or a design on your photo subject’s clothing. Make sure only the fabric pattern or design is in the photo. Then once you get your print developed you can cut your title letters or die cut patterns out of your custom made paper that matches perfectly! Play with the custom patterned picture by scanning the picture and playing around with it in a photo editing program. Change the picture's colors, enlarge or reduce the pattern's size, etc. You can also print the patterned picture onto various papers such as vellum, card stock, white paper, etc. for different effects. Your options and scrapbooking ideas are limitless.

I often see a cool font on my computer that I want in my scrapbook. The problem is that if I print it, then I have to reverse it or make sure I cut the black ink off. What I do is print it on vellum, then put glue on the front of the vellum, stick it to the back of the card stock etc. and then look on the vellum side and follow the lines as to where to cut. It's a quick and easy scrapbooking idea.

I print my words on a scrapbooking paper using a nice computer font. Then, word by word, I trace it onto vellum with a heavy flowing, white gel pen and quickly pour embossing powder over it. After each word I sprinkle the excess powder off and at the end, heat set it. Looks great and is much better than my own handwritting, especially if i'm writting a quote on the front of a card.

I love using handcutting letters for my scrapbooking pages, but there aren't enough lettering templates in the world to keep me happy. I use fonts from my computer a lot, but I don't print them backwards on my cardstock. I instead print my title on plain white printer paper. I then use Hermafix glue dots and apply it to the cardstock I want to cut my letters out of. I then cut the paper and cardstock. When I am finished, I tear the white paper off the cardstock and remove the glue dots with a gum eraser from the cardstock letters. It works like a charm every time and gives me a variety of fonts to use for titles!

I hope these scrapbooking ideas gives you the answer to a problem that has been bugging you for ages.

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  1. One of my must-have item in my scrapbook are ribbons! I've been scrapbooking for ages but nothing refreshes my sight and gives a design more "ooommppphhh" than a ribbon appropriately placed in your layout! :)