Scrapbook Ideas for Everyone.

Scrapbook ideas for special occasions. When visiting an attraction that did not allow photos of the shows I picked up several brochures of the attraction and used them to make a memory page featuring the cropped highlights from the brochure, in a collage with the show tickets. Also, it rained and was cloudy several days when we visited a National Park, so I incorporated postcards and stickers purchased at the park gift shop to highlight the areas where we could not take photos. So, we still have memories...and a record of the trip!

Sometimes when I work with a page, it takes a long time to complete. To protect my photos while moving them around on a page and working with scrapbook embellishments, I cut apart a page protector and slide each photo into a piece of protector. This prevents scratches, smudges, and glitters, etc., from ruining my photos.

Playing with pictures and combination of postcard and photograph are a great scrapbook ideas. In my very first scrapbook I had lots of fun combining pictures that I took in a "panoramic style". I combined 2 halves of a long dinner table to show our entire group at a pizza party, took 3 shots of our large group horseback riding and fitted them together almost seamlessly for a beautiful page. In my very favorite "altered photo" I used a beautiful postcard of the Rocky Mountains as the top half of the picture and cut away the sky in a photo of my family walking away down a winding path. We all look like we're walking off into the mountains. It was the perfect final page of my first scrapbook. I'm rather proud of it.

Scrapbook ideas to use those magnifying marbles. While visiting New York City, I slipped into an upscale card shop to take a look around. I came across a simple yet unique card that featured glass marbles placed over the words "I Love You." The marbles magnified the words underneath so cleverly, I knew I'd have to try the same thing in my scrapbook.
Once I started playing, it wasn't long before I had several layouts that used the glass marbles. I found I could use them over words or flat embellishments (such as stickers) to make them stand out. Marbles also look great as "drops of water" or "rain."
To create this look, you'll need glass marbles with one flat side (available in different sizes and colors at most craft stores in the floral section). You'll also need clear-drying glue.
Here's how to use the marbles:
1 Place a glass marble over the embellishment or word you want to accentuate and trace around it with a pencil.
2 Cut out the embellishment and erase any leftover pencil marks.
3 Apply a small dot of glue to the flat side of the marble. Carefully press it down over the chosen word or embellishment.
4 Mount the finished "marbled" word or embellishment on your layout with mounting adhesive.
Here are some additional tips:
• If you're using marbles to create "drops of water" or "rain," there's no need to trace and cut. Just glue them directly to your page.
• Use glue sparingly. If you use too much, it squishes out from under the marble, resulting in a sticky mess.
• For best results, place the marbles over flat embellishments. If you try to glue a marble over an object with layers (like a punch-art flower), it won't work. The layers will create air bubbles that blur the image.

Scrapbook ideas for pocket page with a view. For an elegant addition to my wedding album, I created a pocket page with a "window" to hold the wedding cards my husband and I received. Using a scrapbook template, I traced a large heart shape onto a 12" x 12" scrapbook page and cut it out (I cut a slit in the center of the heart to make cutting easy). Next, I separated the layers of a 12" x 12" sheet protector and adhered one side to the back of the scrapbook page with photo tape. I added a lacy edge to the heart with a pen and layered flower stickers to add color. Finally, I adhered the finished product to another 12" x 12" scrapbook page. Now I have a lovely way to display my wedding cards. It's great for valentines, too!
Begin to use these scrapbook ideas and you'll find the great opportunities you can come up with for your scrapbook pages.

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