Scrapbook Ideas for Backgrounds.

Here are a few quick and simple scrapbook ideas for backgrounds you can use on your scrapbook pages.
If you can’t find card stock or paper in the color or texture you’re looking for, check out the art papers at your local craft or art supply store. Some companies make large sheets of acid-free art paper in a variety of colors and textures. I usually find these papers near the framing department or oil canvas aisle. You can cut the paper to produce about four 12x12 sheets and have some left over for matting. If the paper does not fit your paper trimmer and you don't have a steady hand, the store may be able to cut for you.

I have made my daughters Halloween costumes over the last several years and had leftover fabric. When I started scrapbooking, I used the leftover scraps for the background of the Halloween pictures. I even used the trim from their princess dresses to "frame" the page edges one year. Not spooky but a great idea to use the leftover fabric!

Want to create a unique, batik-style scrapbook page embellishment? I've got a fun stamping solution for this scrapbook idea! You'll need:

• White or light-colored mulberry paper
• A simple, bold stamp (at least partially solid)
• Clear embossing powder
• Clear embossing ink
• Watercolor paint in two complementary colors.
• A medium-sized art paintbrush
• A spray bottle filled with water

Follow these simple steps:

1 Tear the edges of the mulberry paper to the desired size. I used an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet.

2 Randomly stamp 2-3 images with clear embossing ink on the mulberry paper. Sprinkle the images with clear embossing powder, then melt the powder with a heat-embossing tool. Continue until you've stamped the full sheet to your liking. It's best not to overcrowd the paper with images (you want the watercolors' batik look to show up well).

3 After you've embossed the stamped images, place a few drops of each watercolor into the well of your paint palette (you can also use a paper cup or an empty margarine tub).

4 Lightly spray the stamped page with water. Dip the paintbrush in one of the colors, then touch the tip to the paper at an edge. The water on the paper will pick up the pigment, and it will bleed out from where the paint was applied. The more paint on the brush, the larger the area it will spread to. If the paint doesn't spread well, add a small amount of water to the area with a spray bottle.

5 Clean the paintbrush and dip it in the second color. Add the new color to your paper. Alternate the colors, varying the size and shape of the "splotches."

6 Allow the paper to dry thoroughly before using it on your layout. A bright- or light-colored background behind the mulberry paper will let the clear embossed images show through. Because the paints will become somewhat dark (more or less depending on the colors used), a dark background won't emphasize the stamped images and batik pattern as nicely.
Create a beautiful look with mulberry paper, ink and clear embossing powder. It’s a great scrapbook idea!

If you are like me, choosing color schemes for boy scrapbook pages can be very challenging. It seems like I was using the same old color over and over again until I was given some amazing advice from my very talented sister. She said that when trying to decide what colors ideas to use for boy pages, think of NFL, NBA and other professional sport teams' color schemes. The results are very masculine scrapbook pages that are always pleasing to the eye. I hope these scrapbook ideas will inspire you.
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