Wild-Wild Scrapbook Ideas.

The one of a great scrapbook ideas is to create a mini scrapbooks. Whenever I have leftoLinkver reprints of photos of my children, I use them to create gifts for family and friends. Last Christmas I gave my kids' grandparents 4" x 6" albums. When I get reprints, I just create mini scrapbook pages and send them off to Grandma and Grandpa. I also create smaller pages that fit inside acrylic frames. I simply attach a magnet to the back of the frame for a special keepsake to display on a refrigerator.

Trace around your daughter's hands and cut them out of flesh colored paper adding rings,etc.if normally worn.Place them at bottom of a two page spread. Pick a polish shade of metallic paper and cut and paste"fingernails" on her hands. Next take photos of her getting her nails done and the finished outcome as well.I also chose to use photos of mine in the bubble bath and after all dressed up. Across the top of the 2 pages I used the same metallic paper and cut out of templates the title "one polished little lady". I used more metallic paper to matte some of the photos and glitter stickers in nail polish and make-up themes to embellish and finish the page.Not only is it a reminder of how small her hands were at the time but it describes my little one to a tee!

When you have "scrapers block" don't forget to look back in your own albums for inspiration. The pages that you've meticulously created yourself "ages ago" can be just enough to jump start your productivity and remind you that your own work is good too.

I find myself getting into ruts with my scrapbooking and I notice that I rarely scrapbook myself. Sometimes this is unavoidable as I don't take pictures of myself. However, I am finding that it is good to scrap without pictures. One page I am doing is using the new metal plates designs. I am taking the one lighthouse on it and using it as a beacon. Then taking a page out of dictionary for the word "BEACON" highlighting the definition, while also making that page look older (soaked in tea). Then scrapping and journaling items that are beacons in my life. This makes me realize that I am just as important in my scrapbooks as everyone else.

My best friend Pam was turning 40 this year and I just couldn't figure out what to give her for her 40th birthday. We have been best friends for over 20 years but for whatever reason, we don't have that many pictures of us together. So I decided to do the "40 reasons Pam is my best friend". It was so fun to come up with the reasons both serious and lighthearted. Her comment upon reading the entire album (through a few tears) was that it truly captured our years of friendship. She also said it was one of the best gifts she had ever received.

A great scrapbook ideas that will personalize your child's scrapbook are to write them a letter every year on their birthday. Include memories, favorite stories and accomplishments from the past year and how they made you feel. Thishttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif way you won't forget those little special things over a long period of time. Include these letters in your scrapbook and give a very special gift to your child!

Movie scrapbooking ideas: We rarely see movies, but our family knew the Tolkien story “Lord of the Rings” backwards and forwards since we had read it together. When the movie came out we ended up seeing it 6 times in the theater. Since this was such a fun thing for us I wanted to do a page in my scrapbook but all I had were ticket stubs and memories. Finally I used my daughters book and made colored copies of some of our favorite characters. Along with my ticket stubs and some journaling I ended up with a two page layout. You can try to use these scrapbook ideas too!
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